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American football rules

Mechanical football I tried this

2022-06-26 07:41American football rules
Summary: Can white radish resist mechanical football zombiesI've tried this, but I can'tPlants vs. Zombies 2 what plants can withstand mechanical football zombies in the future worldOf course, the first
Can white radish resist mechanical football zombies
I've tried this, but I can'tPlants vs. Zombies 2 what plants can withstand mechanical football zombies in the future world
Of course, the first choice is pulse yellow peach, which can make nearby 5 5 mechanical zombies stop. Frozen lettuce is OK, but it may not freeze when zombies are concentrated. I use corn and thorns to play this level, because he can't push the thorns. There must be many kinds of corn frozen with corn. He soon diedHow many HP are plants vs zombies 2, robot football, disco 300, robot roadblock and knight respectively_ Hundred
According to the actual measurement, 4 rounds of prismatic grass attack can not kill him, so the HP is greater than 2200. According to the test of ground stab and dragon grass, it is about 2250 to 2400. Generally, plants can not be killed at one time. It is necessary to use charged grapefruit to kill him effectivelyBotanists vs. Zombies 2. What plants will zombies use to destroy the future world of mecha football? Die fast_ Baidu
Level 3 Wogua and a big move
Plants vs. Zombies 2 what happens when a football zombie encounters a holographic wall (holographic nut trick)_ Hundred
1. It will not disappear automatically after a long time. Unless, Mechanical football  I tried thisof course, zombies chew it off. After being chewed off, it will recover by itself. If it is equipped with a medicine box pendant, its self recovery will be accelerated. After being chewed off, its base can still be seenSee how the value goods fight the zombies in the 50th level
First, kill 1 to 3 rows of disposable plants with ordinary zombies. It's worth 50 sunshine for 150 sunshine. Use mechanical football zombies to push down the plants in the last row (I think this zombie is very stupid in the main road, and my defense line will collapse if therMechanical football  I tried thise are more zombies). The first row is the same as the third rowIn the past, there was an animation called "forgot" on the emerald station. I only remember that robots played football
I remember! "Invincible silver fortress"! I enjoyed watching it when I was a child! The main character's must kill skill is "44 supersonic magic ball" ~ ~ ~ I miss it very muchHow to defend robot football zombies against PVP
There are tutorials in this one. You can have a look. Have time to play a Tencent game. The game is called "Wang B vs. B". There are many roles in the game. Scientists travel through their space-time shuttle and find the magic power gem to protect the earth and the hero to guard this gemHow was football invented and why is it not popular in our country
One of the reasons why football is not popular in China is that football is a particularly dangerous sMechanical football  I tried thisport. Many people dare not try becausMechanical football  I tried thise they are afraid of injury. The second reason is that there is not much knowledge about rugby in our sports, so there is no way to promote itWhat plants are zombies afraid of
The robot football zombie is a disgusting zombie. It can push your plants backward, and the plants in the last row will be directly pushed out. Moreover, it has very high physical strength, so it is a very powerful zombie. The specific playing method is to use the charged grapefruit, which has a high attack power. It can be killed with frozen lettuce and pulse yellow peach, if possible
Mechanical football I tried this

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